Office Complex PopUp

Introducing FoodLAN Office PopUp: Your Daily Culinary Adventure

Experience the thrill of a daily rotating PopUp restaurant right in your office, managed by FoodLAN, offering the ultimate indoor food truck experience scheduled well in advance. Choose to fully, partially, or not subsidize meals for your employees, adding a flexible perk that enhances their workday.

"FoodLAN PopUp makes our workdays more enjoyable. It transforms lunch breaks into a time of relaxation and connection, whether we're having a working lunch, enjoying a quick bite at our desks, or socializing in the cafeteria. With FoodLAN, lunch is one less thing to worry about." - CFO, Echo Global Logistics

How FoodLAN PopUp Elevates Your Lunch Experience

Seamless Scheduling of Diverse Culinary Experiences

We've mastered the art of logistics to bring a diverse array of restaurants directly to your team. Our intelligent platform meticulously curates and schedules a mix of top brands and local culinary gems, tailored specifically to your workplace. As our system learns your employees' favorites, anticipation for lunchtime grows, ensuring there's always something exciting on the menu.

Keeping Employees in the Loop

We ensure your team is always excited about their next meal. Daily menu emails and access to the week's lineup through the FoodLAN app or a custom web page we create for your company keep everyone informed and looking forward to lunch.

Onsite Convenience and Quality

Each day, a different restaurant sets up to serve freshly prepared meals for two hours. Our model guarantees meals at standard menu prices, without any on-site cooking. This process repeats daily, offering a new taste experience every day.

Why FoodLAN PopUp is a Game-Changer for Your Company

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Offering FoodLAN PopUp as part of your workplace perks is a clear demonstration of your commitment to team well-being and satisfaction. It's an innovative way to enhance the daily work experience, making your company a more attractive place to work and helping to retain your best talent.

Boost Productivity

By eliminating the "where to eat" dilemma, FoodLAN saves your employees' time, encouraging them to stay on-site and fostering increased productivity.

Build a Stronger Community

Shared meals spark conversations and strengthen team bonds. Encouraging employees to eat together enhances communication and camaraderie, creating a more cohesive work environment.

Diverse and Quality Dining Options

We understand the importance of quality. Give your employees access to our extensive network of chefs and top-rated restaurants, ensuring a diverse and quality dining experience every day.

Flexible Meal Subsidies

For companies looking to provide an additional food benefit, FoodLAN offers a perfect consumption-based solution. Simply set a dollar amount per employee, and we'll take care of the rest, allowing you to tailor the benefit to your team's needs and preferences.

Transform your office lunch experience with FoodLAN PopUp and give your employees something to look forward to every day.