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What We Do?

The services we offer are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Project Lists
  • school

    School Cafeteria

    The Future of Dining in Education: From Primary to University!

    At FoodLAN, we're bringing an innovative dining solution to educational institutions at all levels, from primary and high…

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  •  Cafeteria

    Cafeteria Replacement

    Transforming Corporate Dining with FoodLAN

    FoodLAN is redefining the traditional corporate cafeteria experience in South Africa, offering an innovative and dynamic approach to workplace…

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  • popup

    Office Complex PopUp

    Introducing FoodLAN Office PopUp: Your Daily Culinary Adventure

    Experience the thrill of a daily rotating PopUp restaurant right in your office, managed by FoodLAN, offering the ultimate…

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  • lunchbox

    Box Lunch

    Elevate Your Meal Experience with FoodLAN Box Lunches

    In the hustle and bustle of daily office life, finding the time for a delicious and nourishing meal can be a challenge. FoodLAN's Box…

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  • conference

    Conferences & Events

    Elevate your events with FoodLAN's bespoke catering services. From intimate board meetings to grand celebrations, our mission is to deliver an unparalleled dining experience that complements your…

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  • employee

    Office Lunch

    Introducing FoodLAN's Subscription Lunch Service!

    At FoodLAN, we’re redefining the office lunch experience in South Africa, making every meal an adventure. With our meal…

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Our Strategy

Here is how we work our magic

FoodLAN's strategy focuses on enhancing workplace dining by leveraging a network of local restaurants to offer a diverse and convenient meal service tailored to corporate needs. Key components include:


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Building a Robust Restaurant Network

Partnering with a wide variety of local eateries to ensure a diverse range of cuisines and dietary options.


Fostering Corporate Relationships

Actively marketing to and engaging with businesses to understand and meet their specific dining needs and preferences.


Emphasizing Quality and Sustainability

Ensuring high-quality meals that also prioritize sustainable practices and support local communities.

Why Choose Us?

We bring solutions to make life easier.

  • With our tiered pricing structure, customers enjoy great value for high-quality meals, including volume discounts for large orders, making gourmet dining both accessible and affordable.

  • FoodLAN offers an extensive selection of dishes from local restaurants, providing a diverse range of cuisines that cater to all tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that every employee has access to meals they love.

  • Health-conscious menus featuring nutritious and balanced options reflect our commitment to the well-being of our customers. We believe in fueling productivity and wellness through wholesome food.

  • We pride ourselves on partnering with local chefs and restaurants, which not only guarantees the freshest ingredients but also supports the local economy. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to contribute positively to their community.


Check out some of our awesome restaurants with some of the best food around.

Project Lists

The Jerk Company

Dive into a world of bold flavors with The Jerk Company, where traditional Jamaican jerk cooking meets modern culinary excellence.

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We are here to change the way we value our lunch breaks, life is short eat well!

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  • FoodLAN connects offices with local restaurants that are curated by our team to provide diverse, delicious, and convenient dining solutions, elevating workplace meals. We care about good food!

  • If your company is not subscribed you still may be able to benefit from our service if there is any other subscribed location close to your location. 

  • Unfortunately we are not a i9nstant food delivery service, users have to subscribe and order in advance to benefit from our services.

  • Yes you can!