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Partnering with FoodLAN offers your restaurant a unique opportunity to tap into the corporate dining market,

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No Additional Marketing Cost

With FoodLAN, you're getting free marketing to a captive audience of corporate clients. There's no need to spend extra on advertising or promotions to reach these customers. We handle the marketing for you, showcasing your menu to a ready-to-order clientele, which means the revenue you generate is all the more profitable.

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A Partnership Based on Success:

Our success is directly tied to yours. As such, we're committed to promoting your restaurant, highlighting your specialties, and ensuring that our corporate clients are aware of the unique dining experiences you offer. This partnership is designed to grow your business by making the most of opportunities that you might not have access to otherwise.

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Unlock New Revenue Streams

Partnering with FoodLAN offers your restaurant a unique opportunity to tap into the corporate dining market, a segment that promises consistent orders and a steady revenue stream. By making your menu available to a wide network of corporate clients, you're not just selling food; you're becoming a part of their daily routine, significantly boosting your sales potential.

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How We Do It?

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.


Sign-Up & Agreement

Restaurants interested in partnering with FoodLAN are first contacted by our sales team or can express their interest through our website.



Each restaurant is assigned a dedicated account manager from FoodLAN who is responsible for ongoing support, addressing any issues, and helping optimize the partnership.


Menu Integration

Our team works closely with the restaurant to digitize and upload their menu to the FoodLAN platform. This includes high-quality images, descriptions, and pricing for each item.



Regular meetings are scheduled to review the restaurant's performance on the platform, including customer feedback, order volumes, and areas for improvement. This feedback loop ensures that the restaurant's offering remains competitive and appealing to corporate clients.

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Yearly (Save 30%)

$199 yr


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Join us at FoodLAN, and let's embark on a journey to expand your restaurant's reach, optimize your sales.

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