Office Lunch

Introducing FoodLAN's Subscription Lunch Service!

At FoodLAN, we’re redefining the office lunch experience in South Africa, making every meal an adventure. With our meal subscription service, we bring the vibrancy and variety of local eateries right to your office doorstep. Our program is designed to inject excitement into your daily routine, providing a seamless way for employees to enjoy a diverse array of culinary delights.

A Daily Culinary Adventure

Imagine a world where each day offers a new culinary adventure right in your office. FoodLAN presents a virtual smorgasbord of dining options, featuring a rotating selection of restaurants that cater to every taste and craving. From the rich, hearty flavors of a traditional South African braai to the delicate nuances of Mediterranean cuisine, our service allows for an eclectic mix-and-match dining experience without the extra costs. Today’s lunch could be a fusion of a savory Bunny Chow, a side of perfectly seasoned chakalaka, and a sweet melktert for dessert.

Customizable Meal Subscriptions to Suit Every Need

We understand the importance of flexibility and choice in today’s dynamic work environment. That’s why we offer customizable meal subscriptions with various tiers to fit your company's needs and budget. Employers have the option to fully or partially subsidize their team's meals, fostering a culture of appreciation and safety during lunch breaks.

Zero Waste, Full Satisfaction

Our consumption-based model ensures that there is no food waste or unnecessary costs. Whether your office is bustling with activity or only a few employees are present, FoodLAN's delivery system is designed to adapt to your needs, delivering personalized, pre-boxed lunches to satisfy every individual.

Support Local, Eat Global

With FoodLAN, indulging in your lunch not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports the local culinary scene. We take pride in partnering with an array of local independent restaurants and chefs, highlighting the rich, diverse flavors of our community. 70% of our partners are beloved local establishments eager to share their culinary creations with you.

Dedicated Delivery for Your Convenience

Safety and convenience are at the heart of the FoodLAN Office Lunch Program. Our dedicated delivery team is integrated seamlessly into your workplace routine, with drivers who are pre-approved to access your building, ensuring that your gourmet meals are delivered directly to your office safely and efficiently.

Transform your office lunch experience with FoodLAN — where every meal is an opportunity to explore, enjoy, and engage with the vibrant tapestry of South African cuisine. Let's make lunchtime the highlight of your workday